Stephen R. Bailey



Select journal articles:


Lord Drummond Young and Stephen Bailey, “Flexibility and dialogue at Strasbourg: a proposed path for the UK”, European Journal of Human Rights (2016), 423

Stephen Bailey, “Article 21(3) of the Rome Statute: a plea for clarity”, 14 International Criminal Law Review (2014), 513

Philippa Greer and Stephen Bailey, “Article 8 and the recovery of possession of Short Scottish Secure Tenancies: ‘It would be so nice if something made sense for a change’”, Juridical Review (2013), 541

Other commentaries:

Rutsel Silvestre J. Martha and Stephen Bailey, “Interpol and the EU: don’t play politics”, EUobserver (October 2017)

Stephen Bailey and Courtney Grafton, “When is it permissible to deny access to a lawyer during a first interview? Cadder re-visited in light of Ibrahim”, The Law of Nations (April 2017)


Stephen Bailey, “Not failed states”, Standpoint (March 2016)


Philippa Greer and Stephen Bailey, “An Army for the Future”, The Huffington Post (October 2015)


Stephen Bailey, “INTERPOL: reckless arrogance or simple naïveté?”, International Law Observer (October 2015)